Rethymno – Argyroupolis – Kournas Lake

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Private Tour – Chania 7

Our tour begins at one of the best preserved medieval cities, Rethymno! Wander at the charming Old Town with a mix of architecture, styles and history among Venetian houses, arches and at the narrow, cobbled pedestrian streets. Make your way up to the rich history of the Fortezza, dominating the city. Next, the tour will continue to Argyroupoli and its waterfalls. For the perfect closure, you can enjoy your coffee at the famous lake of Kournas, the only freshwater lake in the Crete.


  • Start of your tour!

    Pick up from your Hotel at 09:00

  • Rethymno Town

    The city of Rethymno is the spiritual and scientific center of Crete. The very well preserved old town is almost entirely built by the Venetians. You may have a coffee break in the old harbor by the famous lighthouse.

  • Argyroupolis

    Argyroupolis is a traditional village that combines rare natural beauty and history. The small waterfalls, wooden watermills and the thick plantation give a unique style to the green part of the lower village.

  • Kournas Lake

    The fresh water lake is surrounded by hills and relatively large with a perimeter of 3,5 kilometers. It is a great place for a relaxing walk, a coffee-break along the waterside or some fun on a water bike.

  • Return to your hotel

    Around 16:00 you will be back at your hotel.

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Available from 15/04 to 31/10
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1 - 2 persons € 400
3 - 5 persons € 520
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