Arkadi – Eleftherna – Margarites – Melidoni

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Private Tour – Rethymno 5

Enjoy a perfect round-tour full of culture and impressions in the region of Rethymno. The imposing Arkadi Monastery, the interesting museum of Eleftherna and the Melidoni Cave bring rich history closeby, whilst a fun visit to the charming pottery village of Margarites completes the day!

Arkadi Monastery
During the tragic holocaust of 1866, over 900 Greeks, under them a lot of women and children seeking shelter in the monastery preferred “the choice” to sacrifice themselves instead of surrender by putting fire to the gun-powder storage-room leading most of them and a great number of Ottomans to death.

Eleftherna Archaeological Museum
This small museum with modern exhibition design focuses on a great part of the history of the region and is located just outside the village of Eleftherna. The excellent collection of beautiful artifacts and treasures of ancient history are very clearly displayed, well worth a visit!

Margarites Village
Explore this lovely, small village, famous for its tradition of pottery making and small Byzantines churches inside the village. The ceramic shops lining up the main street expose craftsmanship passing down generation to generation.

Melidoni Cave
The Melidoni Cave or “Gerondospilios” is located at an altitude of 220m. An ancient, sacred place with heavy, tragical history as the site of massacre in 1824 during the Turkish occupation.


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  • Arkadi Monastery

    The Arkadi Monastery is the most historic monastery on Crete. It is the symbol of freedom and longing for liberation of the island and the Cretans under the Ottoman rule.

  • Eleftherna Archaeological Museum

    This small museum just outside the village of Eleftherna.

  • Margarites Village

    Enjoy a stroll in the narrow streets of one of the most well-known pottery centers of Crete.

  • Melidoni Cave

    The entrance of the cave leads to the central room, almost cathedral-like, with beautiful rock-formations.

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    Around 14:30 you will be back at your hotel.

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